Sunday, January 13, 2013

Freedom Writer's Poem

Freedom from Myself..

Free my heart from the chains of my unfulfilled life
My life of living with no zeal for life
My life of living with a dead soul and a distorted mind
My life of breathing with no air to my lungs
Living life with no purpose is like living no life
Going with the flow of life with your heart resisting
Is like plunging in a burning fire with your eyes opened

I’m crying out loud to you the energies of the universe
With the hope that you’ll notice the sound I make
And that you will comprehend the motive behind my cry
I urge to be freed from the unhappiness that prevails within
My heart yearns to be freed from the suppression of its strength
From being denied its power of self-expression and actualization
My soul cries for freedom to project its actual image to the outside
It demands that the chains be destroyed to allow it the well deserved freedom

Feed my hungry heart with its energy and its food for the soul
Invite life to my heart by granting it an opportunity to be itself
Activate my heart by releasing it from its chains of freedom
These chains comprise my insecurities and my fears
Untying the chains will loosen up these negative forces
Destroying these chains will destroy these enemies of my success
And will give me freedom that I desperately long for
Freedom to my heart is freedom to my being
Allowing my heart some freedom is giving life to my soul
Allowing my heart some freedom is granting me my true life
Give my heart its freedom and breathe air into my lungs.    

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