Saturday, January 19, 2013

‘She Sells Sanctuary’: The sheer awesomeness of The Cult

‘She Sells Sanctuary’: The sheer awesomeness of The Cult

I had just gotten signed to RCA records and was looking for someone to produce my band’s debut album. Bruce Harris, A&R at the label, called me into his office and said “Marc you got to hear this. The guy who produced it, Steve Brown, should produce your record.” Bruce puts “She Sells Sanctuary” on his stereo system, turns it to 11, and The Cult proceed to blow my fucking mind. My reaction was immediate. “Yes, I want Brown working on the album. Absolutely!”
Two nights later, Steve Brown and I go to see The Cult’s U.S. debut at the Ritz. It was a staggering show and I predicted The Cult were going to be huge. It didn’t happen. The world passed on The Cult and Brown passed on my band.
Last year I had a talk with Ian. He seemed quite healthy, though a bit wartorn. There was a time I actually thought he’d end up dead. But that was long ago.
While The Cult never really lived up to their promise, they did manage to record what may the best song of the 1980s. Here’s a nice quality YouTube upload of that song.

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