Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Body Painting Meets Comic World! Don't Even Try To Say You've Seen Anything Like It!


This is so awsome! and what a wonderful tribute to comic art!

above: a still from the Gotye video and the car crash image of painted bodies by Emma Hack

POP! explores Emma's fascination with the pop art genre - a fun, modern day approach into the comic-inspired work of Roy Lichtenstein. Emma's heroines are not helpless however, they are strong women.

There are 3 collections within this theme. All shown below.

'The Optimists', offering a wider crop - looking at the positive side of life:

Paint The Town:

So Dangerous:

When The Dust Settles:

Enjoy The View:

'Lessons of Love', features messages to get over that bad break-up:

Big City of Hearts:

Hit Him In The Heart:

No Use Crying Over A Drop In The Ocean:


'.com' is based on a social media theme, drawing the girls into todays .com culture:

Sexy Babe:

Tag Me:

Text Me:

Google It:

Emma Hack is an artist that rocks!

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