Monday, February 18, 2013

Q. and A. x 10 for Artist that Rock with PHOTOCOYOTE

1. When did you know that art would always be a part of your life?
I don't have a specific date, I only know that since I was a kid I have been attracted to art in all it's forms.

2. What music do you listen to when you draw, paint, create, BESIDES Soundgarden?

Music has always been extremely important in my life, I listen to music ALL THE TIME. I couldn't live without it, music is LIFE. The music is always on when I am creating. I love all sorts of music and it depends on my mood, but I happily admit Rock is my favorite and it clearly shows in my work. If I'm drawing Sly and The Family Stone, I am most likely listening to them- ON vinyl! 

3. What living person would you be most flattered to have commission or purchase  your artwork? 

My biggest goal is to create art for bands. Album covers, T Shirts, anything timeless that would allow me to express how their music makes me feel and forever connect me to them. My obvious choices would be Seattle bands like Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Love Battery, and so on, these are only dreams...that I will keep chasing.

4. What do you wear when you draw, paint, create? 

It does not matter, I am one of the lucky guys that doesn't have to put on a uniform or a suit and tie on every day, I think you already know I wear converse tennis shoes! 

5. What are you wearing right now? 

Jeans and a hoodie oh and a fantastic pink hat I stole from the Queen of England....and of course, converse.

6. What natural personality trait would you most like to possess?

I don't know that I have any or wan't any. I have a bunch of defects, that create imperfections, and you know what, I love imperfections. 

7. What is your greatest regret as an artist?

I honestly have no regrets as an artist, because I always do my best, I do what comes naturally to me and feels good and try to spread that good vibe..besides there is no mistakes in art.. right?  

8. What do you consider your greatest achievement as an artist or person?

Not being an accomplished artist and maybe not even human -ha ha ha , makes accomplishments easy. I can tell you that I am not stifled by the frantic search for some kind of " real success " My life is complete because I enjoy the journey. I do things in my own peaceful way without too many worries. I take things as they come and am grateful for the many small satisfactions that come, many small ones make big ones! I come from the world of Street Art. No rules, just art. I've had the great fortune to travel and meet lots of like minded people, artist, and musicians who have become real friends. People I have gotten much inspiration from and hopefully inspired. It's great to see my stickers put up in so many random places all over the world, or to see someone wearing my T Shirts, or have one of my posters hanging in their house. I consider collaborating with other artist an accomplishment, it's harder than it sounds! 

9. What is your favorite place or city, real or imaginary BESIDES Xanaland?

Seattle, of course! 

10. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My amazingly cool and supportive wife and children, my children are my best creation, by far. 

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