Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make Way For The Sirens! A Glance At Pinup Artist Enoch Bolles

Though Gil Elvgren is one of pin-up’s most recognized artists today, there were plenty of other illustrators painting glamorous portraits around the same time as he. One I’ve recently re-discovered is Enoch Bolles.
Born in 1883, Bolles were a versatile illustrator who created art for products as diverse as raisins and cigarette lighters. But what he’s most remembered for today (and what’s most relevant to this blog) is his pin-up work.
Bolles illustrated over 200 covers for Film Fun magazine and another 300 covers for other risque pulp publications. His trademark sexy, skimpy costumes went on to the define certain key aspects of the pin-up look for the next several decades. What a lovely choice of subjects, Bravo to the admirers of the female form who also happen to be Artist That Rock!

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