Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fine, Fine, World of Joseph Arthur

    I must admit, when I started the ' Artist that Rock ' pages and blog, I really just meant ' great artist ', It was a far away distant dream that I would come across someone so multi-talented as this guy, an artist that truly rocks! 

  For starters, a huge fan and old friend of Jeff Ament and Richard Stuverud, I went to see their band RNDM at The Showbox in Seattle, and was having so much fun watching them, I threw my camera in my purse and danced the night away, and didn't get a single good video! Which I am somewhat known for at shows this last year in Seattle, so yes, this means I really really liked them! ( Don't worry, I plan on making up for it this summer when they tour and hit Seattle twice this summer-yes! )
So then I look up this cat Joeseph, a protective old ninny, I'm thinking, who is this guy touring with my boys? What is he really about? And who came up with that cool orange and black artwork? Probably Ament, but still, I was intrigued...
Needless to say I was awestruck and amazed to see his vast amount of artwork, which he does when he's not busy being a great performer and singer- I know, some guys have all the luck and talent! 

   Now listen here, I rarely go on and on about a certain artist, but just remember, I AM from Santa Fe,  The " Vienna" of the southwest, so I think I know something about great art.
 He had a successful show recently in New York and of course it would have been great to have a show for him to coincide with the RNDM shows coming up in Seattle, we certainly hope this is possible in the future, but for now, it reamins just another part of my Rock and Roll fantasy...
So the art that caught my eyes, besides the one of him painting a naked lady... are his hand painted Godin guitars that he shows at NAM. As far as I know this is his second year showing them, and this year he really outdid himself. What else can I say? What an all around great artist that can find the time, incentive, and creative energy to do all this! For more information on where to purchase one of these cool guitars, a great painting, or to see upcoming tour dates, check out the links below, including a WiKi link, which has some very cool facts and background info...

Some of his solo stuff....

Some RNDM! 

   Please see this link to help a fellow artist! 
 To contact Joseph: 

To buy the coolest guitar you will ever own:

RNDM: https://www.facebook.com/RNDMband?fref=ts

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