Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Viva La Frida! 20 Beautiful Renditions of the Iconic Artist Otherwise Known as The Latin Muse

Punk meets Native American 

The now famous Daft Punk Frida 

This  ad campaign also featured a Warhol version 

I don't think humor is used enough with her image 

But then I could be wrong....

Chicago street art 

I love this one! 

Okay I was completely wrong, this is hilarious!

80's Punk Rock Frida 

I'm not a huge fan of this style, but this is pretty cute, I wonder if they thought of making dolls! 


I would love to see this done with actual fabric that one could touch 

exquisite! a t-shirt of this would be amazing! 

Probably my very favorite so far 

Interesting, would make a fun poster 

I like it except the necklace looks like hair on her chest at first


An avatar of Frida in a cyber world, what would she do? Paint ball perhaps?!

Layering over photos, on my bucket list of things to try with my own photos 

Very cool, like Frida! 

From the art blog " 37 Paddington " 

This image was posted on Instagram by many different people yesterday to mark Frida Kahlo's birthday. I don't know who the artist is who evoked Frida crying tears of paint. In a life so wracked by physical and emotional pain, Frida would have liked the metaphor I think.

A few years ago I wrote about Frida and the notion I once had that one must suffer for art. I no longer believe that, even though it is true that many artists do suffer. Perhaps these artists absorb the world in a way others don't, and are left no choice but to find an outlet in what they create.

The French writer Andre Breton once described Frida's work as "a ribbon tied around a bombshell." I was so struck by that. Throughout her life, Frida tied and retied that ribbon in the face of almost certain detonation. She possessed such fortitude. She bequeathed us its power in her art, those haunting canvases of painted tears.

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